Nails Creek Hike 11-25-2020

Nails Creek Hike 11-25-2020

Nails Creek Hike 11-25-2020

A couple weeks back we went out to Nails Creek to check out an old abanonded bridge. It was a little hot, but the hike turned out okay.
Kids did really good and had fun exploring.

Crossing the road to start our hike

The big field we had to cross before we got to the creek

Some the grass was to tall for Wyatt to get through
he hitched a ride for a little bit

Found the creek and started following it

taking our first break in the shade

We were walking some prmitive trails or no trails at all at times
kids did great trecking through it all

First time seeing the bridge

the giant sign to scare you away from crossing

All the limbs and trees from the flooding
knocked the cement bottom out on the other side

after this bridge, headed back to the truck

One more stop on the way back
what a cool view

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