Abandoned – The Bee House

Abandoned – The Bee House

Abandoned – The Bee House

Abandoned – The Bee House 11-07-2014

I was out for a ride in the country and I came accross this house. First glance I knew Crystal and I would come
back and check it out. I’m happy we did, this house was amazing. Even though it’s in pretty bad shape, falling apart, it’s quite a beautiful house. Plus it has a huge Honey Bee hive at the back porch. That is why we called it The Bee House.

the first look you get of the house

the big ass bee hive on the porch
completely covered and active
which is really good to see, the bee population is getting lower and lower

a couple exterior shots of the back

overgrowth through windows was all over the place
nature pushing back

the front door & part of the ceiling

There always seems to be a chair sitting in the middle of a random room

this is one old ass looking ladder

with a random kids toy sticking in a window

more growth through windows

C w/ the gimbal & goPro shooting some video of the house

one of my favorite shots of the attic
the attic was crazy, never seen a layout like that before

A hole in the attic floor, looks like someone took a saw to it

looking out a window in the attic

went back down stairs to take some more shots & then hit up the kitchen

And here it is, the kitchen
this is the best picture from the set
something about this kitchen, i love it

Went around the house and took some exterior shots before we left
found this old water trough

the back door that leads to kitchen
entree completely blocked now by the tree

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