New Yamaha TTR 225

New Yamaha TTR 225

New Yamaha TTR 225

New Yamaha TTR-225 06-08-2014

I got this Yamaha TTR 225 a couple weeks back, my first bike. Got an enduro bike to do some trail riding and as my primary use of transportation to work. It gets some pretty damn good gas mileage, that’s never a bad thing. The first week I was getting use to the bike and riding it on backroads in the country, started having problems w/ it running.

Took it over to my buddy Pat’s house to figure out what was going on.

First thing we checked was the spark plug.
Then we checked the TDC

Then he started checking things i’m not sure about yet
plenty to learn

Pat took the carburetor apart and found the problem
jet valve was very badly clogged

putting her back together to try her out

Took her to the lake a few days later, got some good shots of her

It was a lot of fun riding offroad

My buddy Danny met us
got a badass shot of his Challenger

Last shot is from a ride I took this morning, met Mars up at his shop
had to get out of the rain when I got there

Took a ride today out to my parents house, tried to mount the goPro, but something
went so wrong. It came off around 55 to 60 mph and cracked part of housing.
Didn’t do any damage that I can see to the camera, but I had to order a new housing for it.

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