Ballistics Test .308 – Chronograph

Ballistics Test .308 – Chronograph

Ballistics Test .308 – Chronograph 07-05-2011

A few months back I went out w/ Pat to do some chronograph tests on some handloaded ammo. He handloads his own ammo for a couple reasons, saves a good ammount of money and you can make the prefect bullet for your rifle. With the chronograph were are basically trying to find the best load that gives us the highest velocity bullet and the most accurate grouping. You shoot 3 bullets of each load and see which gives you the best grouping, then you check that with which ones that have the highest velocity.

a shot of the setup
still getting everything ready

that is the chronograph on the far left
you shoot in between the metal pieces standing on top of it
then it gives you a velocity read out on a little screen

random of crystal checking his groupings

the sun came out in force half way through
added the diffusers to help battle the light

Pat’s read out list for each bullet

got a couple of glamor shots of Pat’s rifle

this one is def my fav
i love black & white…

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