End of the Year

End of the Year

End of the Year

End of the Year 01-04-2020

This was supposed to be the last post I was going to make for 2019, but I ran out of time and energy to post it. Soooo, here we are a few days into 2020 and this will be my first photo post of the year. It’s a bunch of trips we made through out 2019 that I never posted.

A trip with the Fam to Bastrop State Park

Hiking with the kids to the lookout point


Mom & Wyatt

Bubble time.

A trip to Fayetville to shoot a house and we found this amazing tree.
I wonder how old it is.

cute ass baby cow

Carace standing in the middle of the tree

Carace & Me

A shot from up in the tree looking down

Carace & Grandpa

On the trip home we saw this Bus in the brush.
stopped to check it out

Every year it seems to flood out at Somerville now.
One more trip to the flooded lake

Last swim of 2019 before it got cold
We took Aedes out with us. She is getting old and has medical issues
we thought it would be nice to take her out swimming one last time

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