Dreamhack Dallas

Dreamhack Dallas

Dreamhack Dallas

Dreamhack Dallas 11-23-2019

Went to Dreamhack several months ago. I’ve been meaning to post these for awhile, but I’ve been lazy. Soooo, here’s a large photo post.

First time going in and the long line was waiting for us.

Checked in and then went to a near by sports bar to have some drinks

Aaron, Dakota, Craig, and Ken

Towers of beer and burgers

First game we checked out for Rocket League
French Jesus, Fairy Peek on the screen

Went outside for a bit

Dak & Aaron

Our Air BNB was really nice

Went around the floor at Dreamhack
checked out the games art section

Plenty of shit to buy

First time checking out a game jam. That was pretty cool
People create these games in small ammounts of time with specific rules to making them

This game was pretty damn fun. Got the beta for it when I got home

Rocket League Pro Team Cloud 9
Squishy, Torment, and Gimmick
Torment has a funny ass look on his face. Wonder what the girl is saying to him

Just thought this camera crane was badass

some more pro teams

the view from our Air BNB

Cool ass arcade section they had

Last night there we got to see Trivium

They were really good, never heard of them before
Aaron & Dak both new them well

The walk home at midnight

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