End of Year Family Post

End of Year Family Post

End of Year Family Post

End of Year Family Post – 2017 01-01-2017

Have a bunch of family related photos I never posted. Figured a End of the Year photo post couldn’t hurt. Already started working on the Year in 2017 video. Should have it done in a week or so at the latest.

First group of shots is from Easter


Carace and Pa Pa

Carace and Grandma

Wyatt eating some of his candy

Wyatt and I in a tree

Wyatt and Mom hangin out in the backyard

Couple Cute shots of Wyatt

Some shots from Father’s Day.
Hangin out in the backyard

Crystal and Wyatt climbing

A trip to Somerville Lake with the kids and phelix

Wyatt loves the water and mudd

Carace and Phelix swimming

the kids swimming in crates in the backyard

And they are making funny faces

Wyatt after a bath

Making a few more goofy faces

Wyatt playing in the water in the backyard on a nasty day
doesn’t slow him down at all

Beautiful rainbow to end it on