Fam Trip – Austin & Pace Bend

Fam Trip – Austin & Pace Bend

Fam Trip – Austin & Pace Bend

Fam Trip – Austin & Pace Bend 01-13-2017

Over the last few months of the 2016 we took some family trips. Camping, dino parks, & hiking. Carace loves dinosaurs right now, so she had a blast at that place. First post of the year of the last photos of last year… weird.

First group of photos is mostly Carace & Dinos… with a few Wyatts sprinkled in.

Momma & Carace getting attacked by a Dino!

the baby dinos

Carace’s favorite movie, she had to get a pic w/ the jeep

Carace in the dino mouth

Wyatt in the dino mouth

Wyatt chillin in camp @ Pace Bend Park

a few camp site shots

saw a pretty sunset
so we went for a walk and got a few shots of it

Crystal & Wyatt looking at a plane flying over

random shot of someones camp accross the lake
liked the colors reflecting off the water

Carace in our tent at camp

random shot of our fire

Our trip to Hamilton Pool
some shots of the walk down

The waterfall at the pool

if you have never been to Hamilton Pool, it really is worth the visit
an amazing, beautiful place.

Carace watching the water fall

adventure girl

couple more shots of the beautiful water and we were out

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