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Summer Fun – Tree Jumpin – Vimeo

Fun times out at the lake w/ Mars, Sarah, Corbin, Darryl, Morgin, Crystal, Carace, & myself. Found a tree and a deep spot and found a great time…

Song by: JK Soul – Hurts
all shot on the goPro 4

Rides, Slides, & Flooded Waters – Vimeo

Out ridding our Enduro’s in the wild, my buddy Lowell & I. Random off roads and a trip out to the lake while it was flooded. All shot on a goPro 3 & a goPro 4…

Song by: JK Soul – Illusions

Josh Ripple & Lowell Ogle

From Reimer’s to North Shore – Youtube

My previous upload of this video got removed from Vimeo due to the song. Sooo, i’m popping it up on youtube where it will hopefully stay. The quality kinda sucks compared to what it was on vimeo, but it will do.

A fun trip to Reimer’s w/ Jeremy & Blake

Mineral Wells – Camp & Fish Weekend – Vimeo

A month back Crystal, Lowell, & I went to Mineral Wells State Park on one of the westest & coldest camping trips I’ve ever been on. Had a great time fishing, cooking, & hiking. Shot a few star trail timelapses, did my first one w/ the goPro 4.

goPro 4
Canon 5D

Music: Gramatik – Brave Men Feat. Eskobars

2014 – A Year in Video (Vimeo)

A montage of videos shot through out 2014, all in chronological order.

All shot on a goPro 3 & Canon 6D

The Abandoned Adventures Series – The Bee House

Video from a beautiful house we found in the country, had a large honey bee hive the first time we visited. Went back some time later and found that the surrounding area around the house had been cleared out and the hive had been damaged, but it was still active.

One of the cooler layouts of an abandoned house that we have come across. I’ve never been in an attic quite like this one. And the kitchen in it’s decaying state was cool as hell, even fell through it’s floor at one point.

Central Texas

all shot on the goPro 3 w/ a 3 axis gimbal

Tough Mudder – Houston 2014 – Vimeo

Tough Mudder – Houston 2014
Enough Said…

Star Trails & Camp Fires – Vimeo

Star Trails & Camp Fires

Shot these over the last 4 or 5 months… tried some different lenses to see what I could get.

Canon 6D
sigma 12-24mm 4.5 – 5.6
ronkinon 14mm 2.8
canon 28-80mm 3.5 – 5.6

Song: Bass Physics – Old School Melody

Zion National Park – Hiking, Climbing, & Living – Vimeo

Crystal and I went out to Zion National Park a few months back, took awhile to get this video together. All shot on the goPro & Canon 6D, awesome trip. Made good friends and saw some old ones.

Pool Party Time – Vimeo

Went out to shoot some Ariel footage w/ Jason at our friend Ron’s house.
Ended up having an awesome fun time at his pool, hands down the coolest pool I’ve ever swam in.

Plenty of people in this video: Jason, Colten, Teagan, Carace, Crystal, Lowell, & me.

All shot on the goPro.

Song by Pixies – Where is my Mind? (Bassnectar Remix)

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