Video Post

Abandoned House – The Baby Vulture – Vimeo

I shot a short video of this baby vulture I came across while exploring an abandoned house. Kept it pretty short, so I wouldn’t upset him more than he was.

2015 – A Year in Video – Vimeo

A compilation of videos shot through out the year of 2015. This is the third year i’ve done this and really enjoy making them.

Songs by:
Broken Back – Halcyon Birds
Le Castle Vania – Play Loud
Mating Ritual – Toxins

All shot on the goPro & Canon 6D

Josh Ripple

Enchanted Rock – Super Trip (Vimeo)

A few months back we had an amazing trip to Enchanted Rock. Rocking climbing, swimming, the night sky, & a kick ass lightning storm. It was a great trip w/ Darryl, Morgan, & Crystal, can’t wait to go back.

Shot on goPro & Canon 6D

Song by: Bronze Whale – Weird Dark Things (feat. Khai)

Flooded Summer Fun – Vimeo

Flooded Summer Fun – Central Texas – 2015

Song by: Subtact – Anything

Shot on goPro & Canon 6D

Tough Mudder – Dallas 2015 (Vimeo)

I ran the Tough Mudder again this year, what an amazing and fun event. Went to Dallas on October 4th and had a blast.
Check out their site, it’s for an amazing cause, the Wounded Warrior Project.

All shot on a goPro 4

Music By: Klingande feat. Broken Back – Riva (Restart the Game) (Parov Stelar Remix)

Enchanted Rock – Lightning Storm Vimeo

Watching a Lightning Storm at Enchanted Rock…

Shot on goPro 4 & Canon 6D

Song by: Cinematic reflective piano long: Poignant slow piano Music by Pond5

Summer Fun – Tree Jumpin – Vimeo

Fun times out at the lake w/ Mars, Sarah, Corbin, Darryl, Morgin, Crystal, Carace, & myself. Found a tree and a deep spot and found a great time…

Song by: JK Soul – Hurts
all shot on the goPro 4

Rides, Slides, & Flooded Waters – Vimeo

Out ridding our Enduro’s in the wild, my buddy Lowell & I. Random off roads and a trip out to the lake while it was flooded. All shot on a goPro 3 & a goPro 4…

Song by: JK Soul – Illusions

Josh Ripple & Lowell Ogle

From Reimer’s to North Shore – Youtube

My previous upload of this video got removed from Vimeo due to the song. Sooo, i’m popping it up on youtube where it will hopefully stay. The quality kinda sucks compared to what it was on vimeo, but it will do.

A fun trip to Reimer’s w/ Jeremy & Blake

Mineral Wells – Camp & Fish Weekend – Vimeo

A month back Crystal, Lowell, & I went to Mineral Wells State Park on one of the westest & coldest camping trips I’ve ever been on. Had a great time fishing, cooking, & hiking. Shot a few star trail timelapses, did my first one w/ the goPro 4.

goPro 4
Canon 5D

Music: Gramatik – Brave Men Feat. Eskobars